How Active are you with social media design?


So... recently, I have had a few websites I had built and published for start-ups have closed. Now on the face of it this is inevitable with the way the world is at the minute. It probably has never been more difficult to start your own business with Brexit, the cost of living crisis etc etc... the list of valid reasons are wide and varied.

However it has to be pointed out that some (not all) but some think that by investing in a website this will solve all their problems, a golden ticket to a life of easy money and Lamborghini's at the door... it isn't, it takes a lot of work. A website taken in isolation is simply either a brochure or a shop. If you do not tell people you have a brochure they won't know to read it, if you don't tell people you have a shop, they won't know to come by and see what you are selling... right?

This is where social media comes in. The easiest tool to get your message out to the masses. Come to my shop and spend your money. Yes you can pay for advertising on these platforms and yes that can be successful, although with the auction style model the social media giants use to show adverts you need to have a big budget just to get seen.

So what can you do?

Be relentless. Post regularly, tell your prospective clients/customers what you have to offer and how you are better than the next guy. Create a community of people who buy into your brand. If you have a shop, post a video of what's new in your shop, what's great about it, is it discounted, have you only got a few in, tell them it'll be gone soon. You get the idea.

The worst thing to do and I have seen this so often is create a fanfare when your website goes live, ride the crest of the wave for the first few weeks... then just leave it to whither on the vine. A website can be like the new car you wash every other day for the first month because its all shiny and new and then before you know it, it's January and you barely show it a sponge! (yes my car is like that right now!)

So what if I am useless at social media design?

That's where I can help, let NI Designer design and manage your social media design. I can tailor a package of a set amount of hours per month to give you a months worth of social media content, every month. It's ok to not be an expert at social media, you got into business because you are good at what you do, you don't have to be an expert at everything.

This will free you up to do what you do, be a business owner. If you are the kind of business owner that doesn't delegate well and you want to maintain your own social media channels, good on you, get onto YouTube and learn, its like anything if you want to know, there's a video to tell you how.