Umex Ltd.

UMEX Hire came to me with a website that was 10 years plus old. It had not been updated, was not mobile responsive. It was plain and simple... Old. It was badly in need of a refresh.

They took out my hosting package. So we transferred their domain name into servers and got everything brought up to date.

The content of their website was lifted before transfer as the text was still valid so it really was a matter of bringing a modern fresh look to their brand which I feel we achieved. 

The website is now in a position where it can be easily updated and developed upon very quickly and easily. This can be done by the client as the website is built on Wordpress which is very user friendly even for people with zero website experience, but can also be developed further by me with a policy of continual support you will never be left high and dry with a website you can do nothing with, we are constantly developing.

Why not check out their website at and if you want NI Designer to work on your next project or you think your website is tired and needs a refresh. Get in touch today!