Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer primarily. It’s what I have done day in, day out for 14 years. In my last role before ‘going solo’ I was Design Manager / Graphic Designer of a Magazine Publishers and Events Business so my job was so varied, from magazine layout for print to digital to events graphics and then all the projects had an accompanying website so I have experience of dealing with most formats.

So what could you get me to do… well it could literally be anything. Are you fed up with your proposal documents for that next big pitch looking like your GCSE homework? Get in touch and we can get your document looking polished.

Branding is so important, don’t settle for a free logo off one of ‘those’ websites. You get out, what you out in and the old saying is very true ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’.

That said I am making it my aim to provide the experience and expertise I have built up over my 14 years in the industry at a competitive rate and will always try to keep costs and overheads on any project to a minimum.

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