Northern Ireland Virtual Designer

Welcome to Virtual Designer. So you need to hire a Graphic Designer but how much does that cost? Well a graduate with no experience is going to set you back 18-20K a year minimum, an experienced designer? Closer to 30k per year…

So what if I said you could have the services of an industry experienced graphic designer for a fraction of the cost of employing one? Interested? You should be.

I have set 3 price points for Virtual Designer. You can pay for either 4/8/12 hours design time per month. So what do you get for your money? You get my design time per month as well as all stock images/vectors required to complete the job at no extra cost. The design time can be used on any design work you need (excluding website packages*) so all social media work, brochure/catalogue design, posters, billboards web adverts, whatever you need, just send an email and the job will be scheduled to be worked on ASAP.

*You may include ongoing design work for websites but any bespoke website build cannot be included in Virtual Designer and must be quoted for separately see my web packages here. You can however use Virtual Designer as a way of maintaining a website on a monthly basis.

Virtual 4

£ 75 per month

4 Hours Design Time

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Virtual 8

£ 150 per month

8 Hours Design Time

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Virtual 12

£ 200 per month

12 Hours Design Time

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Northern Ireland Virtual Designer

Northern Ireland Virtual Designer – So, if you select Virtual 12 you can have 144 hours of design time annually for approximately the same as employing a full time experienced designer for 1 month… it really is a no brainer.

Most companies do not need a designer working a 37.5 hour week and especially in todays climate cannot justify the overhead. I get that, I myself was laid off during this global pandemic, it has changed the landscape, for good most likely. So it’s time to look at things differently – Northern Ireland Virtual Designer.

You may think… ‘sure I can run our Facebook page myself’. Of course you can but what happens during your busy periods? Your social media gets forgotten and all of a sudden you haven’t posted anything in 6 months…

Whatever the design job, get Virtual Designer to take care of it for one low monthly cost. Sign up for an annual plan and save a further 10%!