Promo Video for DKY Hair Company in Bangor Co. Down. Go to to check out their online shop. DKY had never had a website before so I took them through the whole process from start to finish and we tweaked the layout content and design as we went through to end up with something both they and us are very proud of.

The website consists of information regarding their salon, including the all important Covid regulations that are so important in this industry these days. There is a profile of all the team members and information regarding their salon services and then them main purpose of the website is the online store where customers can buy their salon favourite products at the touch of a button without having to go to the salon. This Promo Video helps launch this online offering and was used across all their social media platforms

This website is a great example of what I do. There is a style to this website, it isn’t just an online shop, it reflects the creative people that work at DKY and that’s important to convey in your companies online presence.

If you would like something similar to this, the promo video or the website itself, get in t ouch today and Id be delighted to discuss it with you.