Terms and Conditions

The NI Designer NOW! service is offered as a discounted version of the full web design service that NI Designer offers. The template is built with a broad range of applications in mind, editing of the layout and constituent parts is possible but this will incur a charge over and above the stated price.

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply the content for the website and the website will be built with what's available. If the customer doesn't supply a section that is in the template then that section will be hidden from the viewer.

Refunds will only be possible if the template fails to operate once the website goes live. 

Domain names purchased through this service are valid for one year and are renewable prior to year 2 starting and NI Designer will contact you directly to arrange this. If however you wish to transfer the domain to another provider you must contact us in advance and arrange for the safe transfer of files and settle any outstanding amounts due on the account before a domain will be released.

The editing that is included in the package price is the changing of all text, the logo, the images and all the links within the template. Anything over and above this will incur a charge priced at £35 per hour.

If however you wish a more bespoke website get in touch and I will be happy to quote you on an individual basis.