Here's What I Do

Im a Graphic Designer, im a Web Designer, I can design your Social Media Content, Brochures, Catalogues, Billboards, you name it I have probably designed it over the past 20 years. Below are some recent websites I have done. And below that is a walk through of how the whole process works. I hope this helps, but get in touch for any further information on any aspect of how NI Designer works.

Timeline of how a Website Build Works

There is variations to this and every project is slightly different, this will give you an idea of how things work, but don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss options and timelines for your next project.
  • Stage 1Get in Touch with NI Designer to discuss your next Digital Project

    Start with a conversation. Email me, message me, give me a call. Whatever way works for you, let me know what you would like produced.
  • Stage 2So you need a website for your new business? Or maybe you just need a new website as your current website isn't working for you?

    Great! I will ask you a bunch of questions, have you got branding completed? If not, I can do this for you. Have you your content ready? If you have great, if you haven't ill give you advice on how to put it together to make the process of producing your new website seamless.
  • Stage 3Do you have hosting and domain name registered?

    A lot of people as soon as they know their business name will go on and order their unique domain name so nobody can steal it! But not all hosting packages which come with these domain names are equal and may be cheap/slow and will harm your progress going forward. I can supply you with top quality web hosting, register your domain name and setup email accounts using your new domain name. For a flat yearly fee.
  • Stage 4Website Build!

    Now I start to build your brand new website. I always use the same wordpress setup for all my websites as I know what it does, I know its stable and can supply you with a great looking website that will serve you and your business well.
  • Stage 5Check, Check, Check

    Probably the most important stage. Check the content, does it tell your story correctly? Does the information flow correctly? This is where you being an expert in your field comes in. You know your clients, you know what they need to know, this is where we iron out the wrinkles and get you ready to go LIVE.
  • Stage 6Go LIVE!

    Launch your Website! Start the process of running your online business. NI Designer will be with you all the way, as snags and issues can arise, but also once the general public are let loose on your website you may find that tweaks and amends are needed to the flow or the information. No problem, I will never leave you high and dry, when you take a website built by me, its a partnership.