About Me - Hi I'm James

Hi, I'm James, I am NI Designer im the web designer, the graphic designer, im the accountant, the receptionist and the cleaner! Why am I telling you this? Well you may have noticed while researching design companies that a lot of them... lie. I get it though, you try to seem bigger than you are to seem more credible, but what if I told you about 90% are just like me, solopreneur's (is that a word?) 

I actually look at it another way. I am James, I'm the one you would deal with when working on your project. I have 20 years experience which makes me feel very old but it has taken until now to feel comfortable to front up and put my name to what I do. 

I have made all the mistakes, done the crap jobs that I still look back at now and cringe. But every one of them got me where I am now and 'hopefully' that means if you hire NI Designer to work on your project you are buying into all that development and the final outcome will be something you and I can be proud of.

I realise if you are looking to get a website made, that it will probably be one of the larger investments you make in your business this year. And I do not take that responsibility lightly. 

Take a look around my website at the work I have done for other people who at some point have been like you, reading through my website wondering whether to trust this guy. I hope you see enough to trust me, if you have questions just ask, it won't cost anything!


  • 2002Graduated from Wrexham University

    Wrexham was very much less famous then, and before you ask, I don't know Ryan Reynold's personally... but I can ask around.
  • 2006Got first Design Job!

    I freelanced for a while after graduating, and worked for the NHS, before I got my first full time design job as a Senior Graphic Designer for a commercial print and design service in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.
  • 2014Moved into Magazine Publishing

    I moved on from the printers where I designed everything and every type of printed product imaginable into Magazine Publishing working on 6 different magazines with accompanying websites and annual awards shows.
  • 2020COVID...

    We will just leave it at that...
  • 2021NI Designer is BORN!

    Like a lot of people Covid put an end to my job and it was time to either huff about it or do what I always wanted to do and go it alone! SINK or SWIM, and although at times it still seems like im in the kids pool with arm bands on, im swimming and I AM LOVING IT!
  • 2024TODAY

    NI Designer is growing. I have a client list of over 40 happy website owners and other countless Graphic Design clients who mostly are repeat customers which is the biggest endorsement I can think of if a client is willing to come back multiple times and trust me with their work. To them, Thank You!


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