Web Design

The Complete Package

Web Hosting | Domain Registration | Email | Full Web Design & Development

Web Design

The Complete Package

Web Hosting | Domain Registration | Email | Full Web Design & Development

What can you expect from an NI Designer Website?

This is and always has been the bread and butter of NI Designer. I have worked with countless small and medium size businesses in the past 4 years to maximise their online presence and make their business look as good as it can be online, because in this age of endless online scrolling, you have to look good or your potential customers just scroll on by.

Ideally any new client wanting a website built will take out my web hosting package which includes domain registration, email and fast reliable web hosting. This is often overlooked as people want to get a domain name for 99p or web hosting for £10 per year. You know the old saying, "you get what you pay for" well this is so true when it comes to web hosting. I have tried over the last 4 years to keep my annual package price for hosting to an absolute minimum while still offering a really good product that will serve your website well, with a starting price of £200 per year, see it as an investment as if you go with a cheap web server and your website is continually down or slow, you will bleed customers continually.

So let's talk about the website. I use a premium high end Wordpress Theme as a building block for your website. I never use templates, every website is built from scratch but the theme is there to make sure that the very latest tech and web standards are maintained in your website.

You will get a mockup of your website before anything is done online, this will give you feel for what the website will look like and what features are going to be included, this is done after a discovery call/meeting with you the client.

Once this is agreed I then proceed to the building phase which can expand on ideas from the mockup stage. Usually the website is handed over to the client to play around with and see if it works how they visioned.

Once the content is finalised the website is optimised for SEO, this stage should never be underestimated as if you can't be found in a search you may as well shout in an empty room. Il not bore you with the detail of this stage as it is anything but sexy...

Then it's time to put your website out into the big bad world! 

If you would like to work with me into taking your vision online, get in touch today!

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