Welcome to NI Designer NOW!

This is the fast turnaround website design service from NI Designer. Offering you professional web hosting, domain name registration and email along with a 1 page website built by NI Designer for one set price, no haggling, no extras, just what you need... NOW!

So why would you want this, instead of one of your bigger websites that I see in your portfolio?

This is a template based 1 page website, there is no modification, which is absolutely fine for an awful lot of clients, they want a website to be a point of contact, to tell people what they do and do not need a lot of modification.

What do you mean no modification?

So, there is a pre-built layout. There is a Header section, an About Us section, a Services section, an Image Gallery and a Contact Us section. You supply your logo, your colours and all your text and the template layout gets adjusted to your brand.

So although the nuts and bolts is the same as the main template, your final website will be unique to you.

So why would I want this service?

Quite simply, price. Building a website from the ground up takes time and some clients do not have the budget to get a bespoke website built and that is totally fine, I get it, with rising prices everywhere nowadays sometimes you need the lower price point option to get you up and running.

Can I build upon this website at a later stage?

Of course! This is the same structure as all of the websites NI Designer produces and there is no cut on build quality at all, so if you come back in 3,6, 9 months and want extra pages and features added I will be happy to develop the website further for you.

What's the catch?

No catch. This is purely a simple website template that is designed with a vast majority of business owners in mind. The only restriction is that the website must be hosted on NI Designer's servers and I will not be able to offer this service on any other platform.

So how much does this cost?

The web hosting which includes fast reliable web hosting plus domain name registration and 1 business email address is £250 and is renewable annually.

The website template and modification with your content, logos and colours is just £300

This is a fraction of what many companies will charge for this service and I aim to have you up and running in just ONE BUSINESS DAY from when I receive your content.

So why not check out the 1 page template and see if this fits with your content. If you have any questions get in touch today to discuss this further.

Are you Ready?

Great! Simply purchase your website from the shop and fill out the form below with all of your content. You will find this easiest to have the template website open and follow it from top to bottom and the form will allow you to fill out your information and upload your images, if you get stuck just give me a call and il be happy to help you through it all.

If any of this content is missing or incomplete this will delay the production of your website. We will contact you to attempt to retrieve the missing content.
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