Ecommerce Website Design


So you have searched ecommerce website design on Google... what did you find? Shopify? Probably... STOP! Before you give in to the glitzy advertising and promises what will you OWN, and I mean really own, not rent for a sky high fee every year for the rest of your business life. You will own nothing. If you decide you wish to go to another provider you will be left with a blank screen, a whole where your shop used to be. Please don't do that. 

So ecommerce website design from me looks slightly different. You will be built a website that is tailored to your product. you can have as many features as you wish and unlike Shopify and the rest you won't be charged every month for the privilege, just one simple price which will mean that as long as your web hosting is maintained or transferred, that website is yours, for as long as you want it to be.

Take a look at the two websites above that I completed recently, is a bespoke motorsport helmet paint shop which also has an online shop facility to sell the original helmets and accessories, this shop is linked to their DHL account to provide accurate weight based worldwide shipping prices live in the checkout screen. is a computer repair and upgrade business that specialises in refurbishing and renewing your old tech. They also have an online shop linked to a Stripe payment facility selling upgraded and refurbished stock.

Get in touch today to see how NI Designer can get you online and selling fast to your target market, for a lot less than you think, and certainly a lot less than the Shopify shop you were going to set up!