Web Designer Belfast


Web Designer Belfast was searched for over 590 times in December 2022. chances are I didn't rank on the first page for that term. But that's ok, im punching above my weight for a business only running since late 2020. But what I would say is that I am working on my own organic SEO every day, at least an hour a day, adding pages to my website with relevant content to try and improve my offering to you the consumer, every day. 

Now if I am doing that as a solo business owner, I can guarantee that in the big agencies in Belfast they have dedicated SEO staff working on making sure they are at the very top of the search rankings to try an hoover up every last business owner who fancies a new website.

So... why am I telling you this

Well, you are on my website, so you are maybe thinking of getting me to build you a website... great! Now no matter who you choose to build your website it is an investment, in some cases depending on the complexity of the project, a sizeable investment. So think about your aftercare of the website. By that I mean you will need to either brush up on your web skills or get me or someone like me to maintain your website. Otherwise its going to waste pretty quick.

Google will require you to have clear and relevant, NEW content every month for it to even bother trawling and indexing your website. So yes the initial launch of your shiny new website is great and there will be a lot of back slapping and congratulating but that is just the beginning of the work. I cannot stress this enough. A car has a price tag to take it off the garage forecourt. it also has a full tank that needs filled every week. Likewise a website has running costs. SEO and general maintenance is just one of them.

So when you have searched web designer belfast and that big agency has given you the quote think about what happens next. Who is going to run it, who is going to update it. How vital is it to your business model, is it supplementary or is it the prime vehicle for your business, if it is the main seller of your business then it simply has to be run correctly. 

Come and talk to me today, no obligation, no hard sell, I will be honest with you about what's required. You can take and leave as much or as little as you wish from a quote but you will be armed with the facts to make an informed decision.