Web Design Agency


What makes a Web Design Agency, well in most cases it's a big boss, a series of little bosses, a design manager, plenty of senior designers and even more junior designers (the ones who do all the work...) then outside of this list you have sales, account managers, receptionists, cleaners... the list can be endless!

So when you googled web design agency and you got the big boys from the bright lights think about who all you are paying for when you sign up to your get your website built. Probably 90% of them won't even know you're a client let alone be working on your project, but you are paying for them. Trust me!

Now I am a 20 year veteran of the above scenario so I have been that Design Manager, sitting in meetings that could have been an email... you know the sort. And they all cost money. So when they send you through the quote and make it sound like they are doing you a favour by keeping their prices as keen as possible and that you shouldn't even think of going anywhere else as they are quite simply the best in the business... think twice.

If you are say... the maker of a carbonated drink that comes in a red tin and is drunk the world over and has been for over 100 years and you have a bottomless pit of money... go for the big agency, you have money to burn so why not. However most people starting out in business and many who have been in business, as my dad used to say 'know the value of a pound' so maybe look for an 'agency' like myself, I put agency in commas as to me agency just means lots of people and lots of people means overheads and doesn't always mean ability to do the job.

so web design agency can mean many things to many people why not try NI Designer and see if the job can be done just as well but for a whole lot less...