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Web Design Belfast - NI Designer specialises in website design. We use Wordpress. Why do we use Wordpress? Simply it's because it is cost effective and also once published it is user friendly enough that the end user... you, can update and maintain it yourself if you wish. You can also get NI Designer to maintain it for you, you should always factor in some maintenance into your future costings as a website that lies dormant from month to month will ultimately fail when it comes to ranking on Google.

You can see from above that NI Designer has built up a portfolio of websites from both start ups and established businesses in a short space of time. I set this company up as a result of covid and being made redundant, im sure a lot of prospective start ups can relate to this. Web Design Belfast is one of the most searched for terms because people believe that all the big design agencies are located there, and they are, but that's where the big prices are too so be careful, you could be paying literally thousands for something that equally skilled designers like me can do for a fraction of the cost. 

So before you jump feet first into going with an agency, do your research beyond Web Design Belfast in Google.

Get in touch to talk some more about this and all other aspects of your upcoming project.

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